March 18, 2019| 982 0

What kind of Private Jet Traveller are you?

Private Jets are a blissful way of travelling that everyone loves to indulge in. It changes the way a passenger perceives flying and it has something good in store for every kind of traveller. The stress-free hours before the flight, the elegance of driving on the tarmac right up to the aircraft, the pleasant and attentive crew, meals of your choic …

January 12, 2019| 999 0

Ease Your Fear of Flying: Fly By Private Jet

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, 40 per cent of adults around the world suffer from aviophobia or ‘fear of flight’. Aviophobia is characterized by an often extreme avoidance of planes or anything associated with flying, including airports. Someone with severe aviophobia might even “organize (their) life around avoiding fl …

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