TANGO AVIATION SERVICES DWC-LLC is a designated representative serving:

  • Non-scheduled Flights
  • VIP Executive Flights
  • Private Business Flights
  • Cargo Flights
  • Diplomatic flights
  • Air ambulance all over Africa continent.


To provide a level of service, which meets and exceeds our client’s expectations to accomplish our goal, we rely on a group of highly experienced employees and a global network of distinguished partners and associates dedicated to help you around the clock. Helping to reduce cost and time hence, ensuring quick return back and offering our clients personalized aviation services, safety, and
efficiency at the highest level of customer service. TANGO AVIATION SERVICES DWC-LLC is operating and supporting around the clock  to provide a one stop shop for aviation services.


To provide our clients with the best quality services, in a timely fashionable manner, at the lowest price possible in today’s economy, we strive to help our clients keep their operational costs down without compromising the quality of service when we are working for you; your satisfaction is our top priority. We believe in creating long term business partnership built on mutual benefits, trust and respect.


Our team is our biggest asset. When time is crucial, our friendly multilingual team is consistently there to serve your flight requirements.
Armed with years of aviation service experience, our team is fully equipped to secure your vital navigational needs promptly 24 hours a day, 7days a week.




  • Commercial flights.
  • Regional airlines.
  • Military aircraft.
  • Private jet.
  • Cargo flights.
  • Corporate aircraft fleets.


  • Credit facilities.
  • Deposit.
  • Cash payments.

Ground Handling

Tango provides wide range of ground handling services reliable on-demand with speed, efficiency, excellence and accuracy global services for:

  • Schedule flights.
  • Charter.
  • VIP.
  • VVIP.
  • Ferry flights.
  • Ambulance flights.
  • Diversion.

Universal Coverage

Tango provides jet fuel at more than 2000 airports covering Europe, Africa, the Middle East, USA, Latin America and CIS countries.

Our qualified team monitors all suppliers’ performance on regular basis, besides facilitating worldwide insurance coverage. You can get fuel confirmation within few hours at any location for your non-schedules, short notice, diversions and ambulance flights.


You will get a final invoice with the fuel ticket within a few days from the date
of operation, no hidden items or additional fees after quoted prices.


Tango specialists covering all around the world over flight, landing permit, slot and block permits. Our worldwide flight operations network will arrange all necessary clearances on time to avoid unnecessary delays. Tango has a good relationship with CAA around the globe able to assist in very short notice .


  • Weekly update global price.
  • Transparent & simple global jet fuel price list at more than 2000 airports including all taxes.
  • We are committed to our jet fuel prices, no hidden items.
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